13th Hole - Long Peter


“Long Peter” is the longest of the par fives and strategy from the tee is key to negotiating it safely.  The drive should avoid two well placed bunkers on the right, but be careful not to hit it too far into the burn which crosses the fairway.  From a well positioned tee shot a conservative lay-up will lead to a short iron into the green. For anyone tempted to “have a go” at the green with the second shot, there is a bottleneck fraught with danger on both sides where loose shots are heavily punished.  The green has a tricky steep ridge running diagonally from low front left to high back right dissecting the putting surface into two distinct areas, so care should be taken to place the approach on the flag area of the green, either high back left or low front right.

Nairn Dunbar 13th Hole

Hole 13 - Long Peter