18th Hole - Merryton


The best plan from this tee is not to flirt with the right hand side of the hole as large pockets and sections of gorse run its entire length.  Having found the centre or left of centre of the fairway, the shorter hitter is best to place the second shot on the low fairway level to the right, then play a lofted third shot up over the ridge into the basin-shaped undulating green.  The long hitter aiming to find the green in two should flight the ball towards the left of centre of the green as a running ball gathers in from the front left side and should find its way to the heart of the green.  The worst place to miss this green on approach is short and right as the a ball may kick further right and gallop down the slope and out of bounds.

Nairn Dunbar 18th

Hole 18 - Merryton